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My name is Chris Adams. I completed my training at the well known, inner city Wellington store 'The Village Goldsmith'.


I am a fully qualified jeweller with  15 years' experience at the bench, including international exerience in Germany. My career objective is turning customers’ ideas into beautiful, functional, wearable pieces.


I have the full range of skills from customer support and service,  design, fabrication, setting, and polishing.


My broad range of skills helps eliminate third parties, allowing pieces to have a flow and consistency that is too often lost when they are passed from bench to bench and shop to shop.


I design and manufacture pieces of jewellery for customers who want something a little different or possibly just have a specific design that is not available in any of the stores that sell the generic mass produced jewellery items. 


I can also come up with my own unique designs or, from the simplest of sketches, I can interpret customers’ concepts from a raw idea to the completed article.


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